• How can I book a stay at your properties?
    You can either email us directly - reservations@nynehotels.com - letting us know your preferred travel dates, or book through our website.
  • Do I need to show proof of my reservation when I check in?
    Your Passport is sufficient identification for checking in.
  • Are fees and taxes included in the rates shown?
    Yes, all our rates are inclusive of all taxes and service charges so the price you pay is the price you see!
  • Are the menu prices inclusive of taxes and service charges?
    Our menus are priced in USD and do NOT include tax and service charges.
  • What is your policy on pets?
    We unfortunately cannot accommodate any pets at our properties.
  • What is your Child Policy and is it child friendly?

    Children up to the age of 5 years, sharing parent's bed, will be on a complimentary basis.

    Children between the ages of 6 to 11 years require an extra bed, which can be arranged at an additional charge. Children 12 years and above are charged the adult rate. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Do you offer non-smoking rooms?
    All our hotels and villas do not allow smoking in the rooms.
  • Do all your properties offer free WI-FI?
    Yes, we offer free wi-fi in all our hotels and villas.
  • What is the electrical supply in Sri Lanka?
    Most of our hotels and villas use 13 amp square pin plugs.
  • Can I use my mobile phone in Sri Lanka?
    You can, though, be aware of roaming charges. You can get a SIM at the airport to use whilst you are here, and be connected to a local service provider.
  • Do you recommend hiring a car in Sri Lanka?
    To enjoy a stress-free holiday, let us organise a car and driver for you.
  • How comprehensive is medical care in Sri Lanka?
    There are plenty of well-run hospitals in Sri Lanka. However, we recommend buying a comprehensive travel insurance prior to your visit.
  • If I shorten my stay, will I get a refund?
    As a policy we do not offer refunds however we may be able to consider your request under certain circumstances. Please speak to our reservations team and we will try our very best to accommodate your request.
  • Can we exchange currency at the property?
    We are currently only authorised to do so at our Colombo property – Lake Lodge. However, if you are at any of our other properties, the staff will be able to direct you to the nearest bank.
  • Do you cater to Vegans?
    Yes, we cater for all dietary requirements.
  • Can you cater to people with allergies?
    Please let us know of any allergies prior to your arrival and we will most definitely cater your meals accordingly.
  • Can you accommodate differently-abled guests?
    We do our best to accommodate all our guests. Please let us know your requirements when making the booking.
  • Can you arrange excursions?
    Yes, we can. Please contact us via reservations@nynehotels.com prior to arrival or contact our guarding at the hotel.
  • Is it safe to walk around the property and in general in this area?
    Our properties are well-manicured and are very safe for guests to walk around. For any other areas you want to visit, please speak to our guardian and they will assist you.
  • What activities do you have in the property?
    We have a selection of activities for you to enjoy and they may vary depending on the property you are staying at. These include but are not limited to swimming in the pool or the ocean, bike rides, frisbee, croquet, badminton, volleyball, cookery class with our chef, spa treatments, yoga, beach BBQ’s etc.
  • Can I invite guests to eat in the property?
    In order to ensure the privacy of all our guests we do not accommodate any outside visitors during your stay.
  • Do you have wheelchair access to any of the rooms?
    We do have limited wheelchair access in certain properties. Please speak to us for more details.
  • Can you arrange Airport pickups and drops (transfers)?
    Yes, certainly. Please contact us via reservations@nynehotels.com
  • Any special packages for honeymooners?
    We are happy to customise special packages for all occasions. Please contact via reservations@nynehotels.com
  • Is it safe to get into the sea?
    During curtain periods you may be able get in to the sea, however we would ask you to check the weather condition with our staff before you do so. When the Red flag is visible, please refrain from going into the sea.
  • Is the food Halal?
    The food is not Halal certified but we are very conscious of our guests’ dietary requirements and do not mix cookware.
  • Apart from the meals, what else do you offer for the given rate?
    Free tea and coffee service, cable TV, DVD library, bathroom amenities, specially made insect repellent, turn-down service, mid-morning second service and WI-FI.
  • Do you accommodate ‘day’ packages?
    We do not offer ‘day’ packages. Please contact us via reservations@nynehotels.com
  • Can we play loud music at the villa?
    Given the nature of our properties we do not permit loud music unless it’s a whole villa buyout. Additionally, it’s subject to the cut off times stipulated by the law.
  • Is it possible to stay at The Muse but dine at Rock Villa?
    In order to maintain the privacy of our guests we will not be able to accommodate dining at other villas.
  • Do you provide early check-in and/or late checkout without an additional cost?
    Subject to the room availability we can provide early check-ins and/or late checkouts at no additional cost. However, if you would like to secure an early check-in/late checkout we may be compelled to charge a small fee to hold the room for you.
  • Is it possible for us to enjoy a dining experience by the beach?
    Depending on the weather and number of pax we can certainly do our best to accommodate a dinner on the beach for you.
  • Can we do a BBQ at the Yala property?
    We can most certainly arrange a BBQ under the beautiful tamarind tree at the property.
  • Can we get a tuk-tuk from Leela Walauwwa to the beach on a complimentary basis?
    We are happy to organise a tuk-tuk to take you to the beach which is accessible from Rock Villa. There, you can also avail yourself to our in-house spa.
  • Will there be someone to help us cross the railway tracks?
    There will be staff to assist you to cross the railway track safely and walk on to the beach.
  • Can we book only 1 room in the Pool Suite?
    You may utilise one room but you will need to book the whole suite for your stay.