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After a successful journey with our previous brand, we have embarked on a new chapter with NYNE. This change is not just a name, but a statement of our commitment to excellence and creativity. The number 9 holds much significance, symbolizing completeness and the culmination of all that came before. It represents the pinnacle of our dedication to providing exceptional hospitality.

At NYNE, we strive to engage not just the traditional senses but all nine senses. We believe there is more to experience and appreciate beyond what meets the eye, and we aim to create holidays and experiences that tap into the full range of human perception. Our website is designed to take you on a journey of discovery, where you can explore our unique offerings and immerse yourself in the world of NYNE.

From visually stunning designs and original art to captivating scents, soothing sounds, tantalizing tastes, and even bringing alive the impact of touch with our products, we aim to engage all your senses in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Join us on this adventure, as we embrace the power of nine and go beyond the ordinary. And Thank you for being a part of the NYNE community, celebrating the beauty that lies within and around us.

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Elegantly designed with en-suite bathrooms, amenities made from natural ingredients handpicked to help you relax, creature comforts of a movie library, cable television and high speed wi-fi. Wake up to a sumptuous breakfast.

Lake Lodge - Colombo
Rock Villa - Bentota
The Muse - Bentota
Leela Walauwwa - Induruwa
Mayur Lodge - Yala
Landesi - Galle

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Timelessness. Secluded and yet unintrusive service. No more unreachable nor unimaginable.


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