The travel and leisure industry is ever changing, and so too are the mindsets and expectations of discerning travellers. Where five-star hotel resorts were once the luxury experience that we all longed for, luxury holidays are now edging towards more secluded and intimate destinations where wellbeing, independence, authentic experiences and privacy are prioritised.

Crafting a one of a kind getaway to tropical Sri Lanka, Nyne Hotel’s ‘private villas’ have redefined the concept of luxury ever since our first inception nearly twenty years ago. Seeing that these luxury villas in Sri Lanka offer seclusion and that personal touch that other accommodation options can’t, discerning travellers choose Nyne Hotels that boast of space, design, quality and authentic comfort.

So it’s no surprise that a home-away-from-home experience has become the trend, tempting travellers with offers of captivating locations, private beach access and personal spaces for that “me time” you long for.

Here are top 7 reasons that should entice you to stay with Nyne Hotels, some of the best villas in Sri Lanka.

1. Perfect for Families or a Group of Friends

While hotels can accommodate those travelling in a group, there is no doubt that a villa experience can do it much better. In hotels, chances are you’ll get separate rooms on different floors, which definitely limits the group’s quality time. Even spending time in common areas such as the restaurant or lobby is not advisable as you’ll be sharing these spaces with other hotel guests.

When you book a private villa, everyone is under one roof. The rooms are close to each other and huge dining areas allow everyone to dine together, family style. It is also likely that the cost of booking one private villa for the whole group is much more practical than having to book several rooms at a hotel or resort.

2. Exclusivity and privacy

The biggest incentive of staying in a luxury private villa is its exclusivity and the privacy. Many of Nyne Hotel’s private villas are nestled in secluded areas, allowing a sense of luxurious isolation away from the bustling crowd. Booking a private villa also means that you’ll have the property all to yourselves complete with the service and dining experiences of a luxury boutique hotel.

3. Value for money

One of the biggest fallacies about luxury travel is the assumption that hotels offer the best rates. But if you’re traveling with a group or your family, you’ll probably find that few hotels can compete with the value of money you get from staying at a luxury villa in Sri Lanka.

Whether you’re looking for two bedrooms or ten, the room rates are often more affordable than a 5-star hotel. And with self-contained facilities, such as your own private pool, curated dining experiences and space to roam, it’s obvious why travellers choose a luxury private villa rather than a resort.

4. A complete personalised stay

Staying with Nyne Hotels means being able to enjoy to your own beat. There is a level of personalisation that hotels just can’t match. Private villas are truly the way to go as they will tailor fit their services to your requirements and certainly eliminates the hassle of repeating instructions to different people. Your private chef can prepare meals according to your dietary preferences and the villa staff can whip up your own feast for that perfect dining experience.

Since you are the only ones staying in the villa, you’ll receive personal attention from your private chef, the villa guardian, housekeeping team and all members of the staff, promising an extraordinary holiday to unwind and relax. You have the freedom to enjoy your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about what time breakfast finishes or even if you want eggs benedict at 3pm they will cater accordingly, or even what time the pool opens, everything is on your time.

5. Home away from home

Nyne Hotels are designed to flawlessly combine luxurious elegance with a homely ambiance. This allows guests to revel in sophistication amidst serene surroundings, while also enjoying an ultra-comfortable stay.

6. Captivating locations

A definite perk of staying with Nyne Hotels is ensuring an incredible location that is synonymous to the destination. There are beachfront properties, stunning seascapes, and incredible jungle retreats.

And nothing beats the perfection of having the location to yourself, without the crowds and intrusive folks. Nyne Hotels offer more secluded locations than hotels, a comfortable distance away from the tourist trail. And as an individual property, they are able to secure more exclusive locations, whether that be on a beachfront, or the edge of a wildlife park or even on the shores of lazy river.

7. Space in abundance

Nyne Hotels have an intrinsic sense of space, which may even be more than you’re used to at home! Think grand living rooms, large garden space and professionally designed outdoor pavilions. “Antique and reclaimed wood furniture, elegant interiors with collectible paintings, tropical gardens with day beds, balconies facing the beach, and spacious bathrooms with baths overlooking nature.” Ultimately, villas offer more space per dollar you pay. While you might enjoy a spacious suite at a 5-star hotel, villas are far more than hotel counterparts, not only in terms of interiors but also extending outdoors and actually immersing you into the destination itself.

Whilst there are many villas in Sri Lanka with private pool, Nyne Hotels ensures the details that a sophisticated modern traveller seeks are found – tranquil and inspiring locations, comfortable yet elegant surroundings, excellent food and beverage and most importantly, genuine, discreet hospitality in authentic settings. This is the Nyne Hotels’ definition of “True Luxury”.

Sri Lanka is ready to welcome you back. Discover our latest special offers.

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